Never stop believing in love!!!

I always use to wonder how can someone be so devoted to another person
What all qualities a person must have, to have someone devoted to him
Despite the fact that, we humans so easily get distracted and get tired of things, people, and situations, then how can a person love someone his entire life, even if his love his feelings is not reciprocated
How can being a human he doesn’t expect anything from the person he love
Why a person can’t cope up with a heartbreak his entire life
I never knew love is that strong until one day I realized that it’s not the qualities or any other factor which attracts or which make someone love the other person
Instead, it’s the hidden side of us which came out gradually while loving someone else passionately
It’s our loyalty, our devotion, our selfless love which we give, sometimes to a wrong person and sometimes to the right person
All this time, it was never about the person we love, it was always about us. The love we delivered, defined our nature, not theirs.
So, never stop believing in love, for it is one of the purest things in the world.

-Harleen Kaur
Fb/Insta- SoulUnraveler


Everyone is fighting with time…..

Everyone is fighting with time,
Some in need of time and others to pass the time,
Some wish to re-live a past moment and others wishing for a perfect time,
Some want to stop time and others want to erase a timeline
The time has never been anyone’s true friend yet and will never be anyone’s best companion, so stop fighting with it and embrace what you have at present as you might not get it again or might not able to re-live that moment again.
Just go with the flow, with time. Change as time directs you because time is the master and we all are its acolytes.

-Harleen Kaur
Fb/Insta- SoulUnraveler

It all started with the lust for writing…

It all started with the lust for writing,
Letting me decipher multiple meanings of a statement,
With continuous ongoing battles inside me, always searching for a rational answer to a thought,
The frequency of copulation between my soul and thoughts kept on multiplying,
It(thoughts) knew very well how to seduce me and keep a hold on me,
It knew that I am getting addicted and obsessed, but still it kept on coming without any intimation,
It knew how to make me fall for it in a short span of time,
Little did I know, it would become my only transcendental love, an inseparable connection, providing me peace and satiating my soul..!!!

-Harleen Kaur
Fb/Insta- SoulUnraveler