I love every side of yours…..

I love every side of yours, but not where you love her more than me,
I love the way you caress me, but not the stories you tell me about her,
I love the way you look at me, but not when your eyes search her,
I love your cooking skills, but not when you cook for her,
I love when you text me to know my whereabouts, but not when you text her more than me,
I love when we make out, but not when you imagine her,
I love when you compliment me, but not when you compare me,
I love the way you LIKE me, but not the way you LOVE her,
I love when you tell me that I am the only choice for you, but not when you always choose her over me,
I love that I am finally able to keep you away from me, but not how I STILL LOVE YOU!!!

-Harleen Kaur
Fb/Insta- SoulUnraveler


I know…

I know the pain you are going through or you have been through, I know the times you have been alone, I know the times you were stressed, I know the time you wake up in the morning and the time you sleep. Even though we don’t talk, I still always keep a check on you because you are in my every thought from the time I wake up until the time I sleep, because I can feel everything, because I  can feel you every time.

I just wonder whether you do  the same or not and I don’t want you to tell me about this. Let me stay in the delusion,  so that I can survive with the hope that you do the same.

-Harleen Kaur

Insta- Soulunraveler


When will we meet next?

When will we meet next, he asked?

We will meet, when we won’t be a slave of our priorities or our responsibilities; when there would be no barrier between us; when the light of our bond and connection would be so strong that, it will take place over the darkness around us; when this universe will be on our side; when the nature will be ready with her both arms wide open, to take us to a different world; when no one else would exist, when we will gaze into each other eyes; when we will be together for an indefinite time; when our thoughts or anger or pain won’t be able to curb us anymore; that day will be the day my love, we shall finally unite, she replied….

-Harleen Kaur

Insta- Soulunraveler