Why are people scared of being alone at times? Is it because they think they might get to know their true selves or is it because they are simply too scared to be alone. I am always keen to know how people who are always dependent on someone sees the world? Do they depend on just 1 person, or does their priority change with time? Do those people find ‘perception’ and ‘deception’ as two different words or find them as contextual synonyms? Do those people blame others for their mishaps because they are too dependent on other people or they simply ignore what’s going around them because it’s too hard for them to handle the situation?
We often get stuck with ‘why it went wrong’ or ‘how it went wrong’ or ‘what went wrong’? Do we try finding what right that wrong might have done? Do we get satisfied with the answers we get, or it’s just the shredding up the burden we have been carrying? Why is the majority of people not keen to explore the nature, to find the answers the world other than the materialistic world is hiding? Why we get stuck for long at a point or situation? Why moving forward scares us? Why are we all becoming skeptical day by day? Why someone’s kindness is taken for granted or is considered as a ‘fake image’? Why don’t people believe that despite horrible humans there are some selfless and loving humans too?
Why people judge others so quickly without even knowing them? Why are we entangled in this materialistic world? Why hatred seems to win over love? Why are humans so impatient? Why we always need shortcuts? Why helping is just a business for many?Why is ‘betrayal’ the new ‘trust’? Why can’t we forgive? Why we hold grudges for years? Why one incidence change the true us? Why we complicate things when everything is so simple? Why it’s hard to handle other people? Why it’s hard to be happy or find happiness? Does happiness depend on the materialistic things? Why it’s hard to express our feelings? Why we always have to think of consequences? Why can’t we simply hear our inner voice or to our heart and do things accordingly? Why we are least interested in what’s going on around us? Where is all the humanity going? Why don’t the majority of us have ‘why’ in our lives? Why we so easily become detached? Why finding solace is a daunting task for many?

-Harleen Kaur
Fb/Insta- SoulUnraveler


2 thoughts on “Why-why-why?

  1. Hi harleen,
    At first i really scared to see so many why’s ….
    Is their no answer to these why’s.
    But as blog reached to it end,
    I recognized each why is somewhere answer to one or other.
    Very well written keep it up..


    1. Hello,
      I am glad that as a reader you understood that all the answers are hidden in the questions. They all are more of rhetorical questions….
      PS- Thank you for your kind words.


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