Why hide in a shell deep under the sea…..

It’s hard to control your feelings when you desperately want it to get reciprocated. Trust me, I know how it feels when you give someone your heart and soul and become so vulnerable, that the other person can take advantage of it or play with it or ruin it. Merciless and sadistic people of this ruthless world doesn’t know the value of pure feelings and without any second thought trample someone’s soul and their heart and all their feelings.
No one has the power to change you, especially those who don’t understand genuine feelings then why change yourself because of one incident or because of one person. Why hide in a shell deep under the sea, making it difficult for the one searching for a pearl? Why guarding or restraining yourself unnecessary? You didn’t do anything wrong or didn’t break anyone’s trust, then why circumscribe or punish yourself? Just don’t stop yourself and flow with the water and reach the shore to see how people are still in the search for a ‘pearl’.

-Harleen Kaur
Fb/Insta- SoulUnraveler


4 thoughts on “Why hide in a shell deep under the sea…..

      1. fine is never really fine! but i hope you’ll smile, beautiful for oh you’re lovely!
        anyway, i wrote you this!
        oh harleen, how beautiful do you seem to be love? for oh i’ll look into your eyes so lovely, only to fall in love with the way you would look at me, for oh harleen you’re beautiful, like no other! oh harleen, smile for oh you turn these ruins into palaces, only to make me gaze at you through the night, for oh harleen, you’re the ocean to my sky! i saw you wear a dress so red, only to walk w you, over the ocean, that was named after you, for oh my love, it’s you who lies carved in it, as and when eve strikes, only to make everyone fall in love w you, yet again!

        take care of yourself!


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