Self Respect…..

‘Self Respect’ is and should be the most important thing in one’s life, for it does not let you do something wrong. What could be the possible reason that one is ready to lose something that helps to maintain one’s virtue? Is it the attachment towards someone or something else?
Leaving things behind is not easy. Often, we find our past more alluring than our future. We have so many memories that, we love to remain in the past while struggling to live in the present. We just find ourselves helpless of not getting out those memories because we are so attached to those memories. Then, there comes a turning point in the life where we feel that we are not in a condition to have any more attachments, and knowingly or unknowingly we start building a wall around us making it nearly impossible to penetrate it. That constant battle between our heart and mind don’t let us sleep, eat or do anything. The oscillation between what is right or wrong never stops.
I am still in a constant search for an answer. Is the attachment so strong that despite getting abused/rejected we are drawn towards it? I just know one thing that if we can’t stand for ourselves, then we can’t stand for anyone else. People who are meant to stay in our lives will stay, with their consent and not because we begged and pleaded them to stay. Why is this simple statement a conundrum for most of us?
I understand the pain and the flood of thoughts one have while detaching himself. If you can’t help yourself or you think you are stuck in middle of nowhere, then let someone else help you. But, don’t sit back and leave everything to destiny or that everything will eventually be fine.

-Harleen Kaur
Fb/Insta- SoulUnraveler


5 thoughts on “Self Respect…..

  1. Thought is completely realistic, but I would like to say something that “if you want to be respected by others then first respect yourself. Also, I think that we never memorize our past memories unnecessary even if it is good or superb, actually our present situation or futures plan force us to memories it and moreover when we see our past, we just think through our heart only, not in mind and we see our future considering our brain. That’s the obstacle to stop us to penetrate the concealed wall which in present. But it is also true that surrounding atmosphere plays a very important role when you are stuck in such a problem, Atmosphere helps us to take a correct decision and move on from that painful situation.


    1. To your reply, I want to make few statements;
      1. I never wrote that if someone wants to be respected by ‘others’. My initial line was that ‘self respect’ is and should be the most important thing which simply implies that before wanting respect from someone you need to respect yourself above all.
      2. The word ‘memorize’ itself means to remember something from past. We cannot memorize future, instead we think about future and thinking and memorizing are 2 different things.
      3. I believe a person should have a good control over his emotions. We humans are responsible for what we think and what we infer out of that.


  2. Hi Harleen,
    You started with “Self Respect” and described the pain and mental agony involved in compromising it.
    Building a wall around you is never easy but to demolish it is.
    Coming to your question .
    Yes the attachments made with pure heart are so strong that despite being abused you get attracted towards them, as your compromise is your eternal love towards them .
    Thoughts may come and go , but always try to be positive in your way of thinking.
    it helps.
    Thanks for your thoughts.


    1. Hello Rohit,
      I believe often good things comes with a price so is Self Respect. While maintaing the decorum of self respect, one often has to go mental agony to keep it intact.
      Then there comes a time when you have yo choose between your self respect and love and I believe one should always choose self respect as people change like seasons.
      PS- Some cracks are hard to fill and those broken pieces always remind us that nothing is more important than yourself, so do every possible thing to keep yourself happy and satiated.
      PPS- Thank you for your thoughts on it, I really appreciate it.


  3. Hi Harleen

    May be my thought process is different from yours but I feel that yes the attachments are really so strong that we don’t even bother about getting amused or hurt again. But these are not memories with which we get attached, in fact, these are the people we are attached with. Yes of course, these memories trigger us back in time when face a similar situation from our past.
    I completely agree with your point that we should choose our respect before love but I feel the agony that people change like seasons will only deteriorate you not them. So I feel, we should just stay calm and enjoy the present.


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