Detach yourself from what is letting you down…!!!

Detaching/disconnecting  yourself from something or someone has been always a daunting task. The more addicted you are to something/someone, the harder it would be for you to detach yourself. No attachment should be greater than self-attachment, and self-realization is very important. I know the pain and mind status you have while detaching yourself and I know how hard it could be to disconnect yourself. The process of detachment can take a couple of seconds or minutes or days or weeks or months or even years.

If you can’t detach yourself from something/someone who is letting you down, calm yourself and ask yourself few simple questions, that for how long you have that thing or person in your life? Ask, how your life was without that one? Ask, after a couple of years how your life would be without that one. I am sure all your answers would end on a positive note and that answer would be nothing is permanent, even our life is not permanent and I can assure you that these questions will definitely help you.

-Harleen Kaur

Fb/Insta- SoulUnraveler


4 thoughts on “Detach yourself from what is letting you down…!!!

  1. Very well said. I always try to find an article which is short and explain everything. I must say you have a decent writing skills . Looking forward to read your upcoming blogs.


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