She didn’t say anything…..

Hundreds of crying nights
Till the swollen- red eyes,
She fantasized to be with him every time
He fantasized to be with someone else every time,
She tried, but, couldn’t Unlove him,
And to aggrandize her pain, he took the last hope of survival from her, by throwing her away from all the common connections they had
But she didn’t say anything.

Stranded, withered and dangling between life and death, she wished to see him for the last time,
But, he didn’t come forward to meet her
And she didn’t say anything.

Everyone suggested her to talk to him, to drop a text, making him realize that it’s him who is a wrongdoer and not you,
But she didn’t text, stating there is no point talking to him. We fight for the one’s we love and when our feelings are reciprocated, and there is no point entering into an argument which has no future. He left making sure that there is nothing left to say. Probably he is getting married soon, so why to interrupt and spoil his mood. I don’t want him to regret anything that he did because that pain of guilt is unbearable and even though he broke our bond, but I am still connected to him so ultimately it’s me who will suffer if he suffers,
So she didn’t say anything…..

-Harleen Kaur
Fb/Insta- SoulUnraveler


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