I still go to “our’ place…..

I still go to “our” place quite often at the same time sitting on the same bench and staring at the only entrance gate in the hope that you will come and surprise me like you use to do before, but you never came. When I looked around, I realized nothing changed except you. The grass could not have been more green, those same kids rode their bikes, that old man who use to take his wife for a stroll still comes for a stroll every day. Do you remember how we use to talk about eternal love after watching old couples coming for a stroll every day and you use to say that you will also take me for a regular walk every day when we will be old?  I go back home through the same path we use to go and with each step, everything you said flashbacks and hits me so hard that at times I cannot control my tears.

Initially, it was difficult for me to visit “our” place, but gradually I realized that I was not going for you, rather I am visiting for myself. The more I visit, the more I realize my value and realize that I loved someone who was not worthy of my love. Though every time my heart aches but this is the only way to explain myself that I should always trust my first instincts as they are seldom wrong. I realize that trusting someone too soon could be soul shattering. I haven’t stopped going and will continue to go till I don’t feel anything or I don’t weep anymore, as that day will be the day I would know that I am over you.

-Harleen Kaur

Fb/Insta- SoulUnraveler



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