I didn’t love you to get you…

I didn’t love you to get you, I loved you because I wanted to, that was my choice and I am fine that you don’t love me, after all, love doesn’t demand anything in return. What I am not fine with, is that you said you love me when you were not sure; you dated me just to make your ex-lover jealous and make her realize the value of your love; you ignited my feelings for you and made sure that it augments with time and then you suddenly left me drowning alone without my any mistake; you started finding reasons to fight with me so that I would break-up with you and when you realized that I won’t leave you at any cost you stopped talking to me. You could have asked me directly to play this love game with you to get your love back and being your friend I  would have happily done it.

Next, I am fine with your betrayal, but I am not fine with the disappointment I have for myself that I could not provide that much comfort zone where  you could meet me and say directly that I think I am not over with my past. I don’t know about you, but I feel bad at times of losing a friend in search of love.

Your happiness is what I have always prayed for and will always pray for, with me or without me and my love would be worthless if I cannot see you happy.

– Harleen Kaur

Fb/Insta- SoulUnraveler



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