Favor Bank

This morning while I was half asleep, I had a thought about FAVOR BANK, something I read somewhere and I don’t even remember where and when I read about it, so I thought to share with you all for what I could remember.

What is favor bank and how does it work?

Well, as the word “favor” itself explain its meaning. When someone asks for your help for the first time, you help that person, out of your respect or because of your humanity. You do everything you could do, if you genuinely want to help someone. The people you help, in return appreciate for what you did for them and tell other people about your favor too. This way you start building up your contacts, you start to have a good image for all the good deeds you do. Now, if you want help with something, you can ask all those people you helped without any hesitance. Since, you helped them once, so out of respect they will help you in return and if they don’t, then they can’t ask for your help from next time because of their guilt, and you can easily say no, if they ask for a favor again. The contacts you had will know about the person who didn’t help you in return and probably no one will help that person because everyone will know that he won’t help you when you need him. So, help people once and if they betray you when you need them, don’t bother to help them again.

-Harleen Kaur




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