Life is vicious, only if we do intend to make it that way..!!!

People say “Life is a Vicious Cycle”. I don’t agree with it completely. Life is vicious, only if we do intend to make it that way. We are so entangled in this materialistic world, that we almost forgot the “true purpose” of our life. Nothing is really “ours” in this world. Our body was given by our mother, so it belongs to her. Name, fame, money everything will be left here; friends and family are only here to walk with us for a little while in our journey; our tears are not really “ours”, as it rolls down for other people or because of situations created by the people, yet we are busy devouring every possible materialistic pleasure voraciously. We are so blind doing things, which are just a part of our life and not the things which will actually bring peace in our life. I am not saying to leave everything and live like a hermit, but don’t get addicted or greedy to achieve things which are really not yours. The only thing which is truly “ours” are our memories and our good deeds. Be a person, who will be alive even after his death.

P.S- Everyone has to die one day, so why give up everything and wait for your death each day.

-Harleen Kaur

Fb/Insta- SoulUnraveler


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