Every year, we celebrate our birthday with happiness. We are actually knowingly or unknowingly celebrating that another year is over and we are one step more towards our inevitable death. No matter what is going on in our life at that moment, a sense of joy is present, probably because we humans have customized the nature of the “day” to be special. If, small issues are present, we ignore them and celebrate “our” day and if we are surrounded by big issues, we still work to figure it out and resolve it so that, we don’t ruin “our” day. Even, if we cannot resolve it, the sense of joy which is being locked down because of the worries we are surrounded with, subconsciously helps us to convince ourselves that, everything will be alright and life is all about moving on and none of it will matter an year or two years or five years later.

 Why can’t we try to resolve our issues for the rest of the year,with the same attitude as we would have done on our birthday?  Why can’t we think each day as our birthday and try to come out of everything which is letting us down? 

-Harleen Kaur

Insta- SoulUnraveler


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