We live in a strange world…

What a strange world we live in. The person who ruins everything wants to be the Messiah to fix everything. How can you counsel me against delusions when you are not out of your delusions? Unfortunately, I am a human and I just can’t turn off my emotions in a blink of an eye. I didn’t ask for permission to fall in love with you and neither I thought I will love someone so hard. Despite all my instincts and vibes which I have had since day first that our relationship will end soon, and the fact that my instincts are generally right, I trusted you over my experience and gave everything to you, probably that’s why I have been always insecure and you mistook it as my childish behavior. It’s actually not your fault. You cannot “scalp the last morsel of peace, joy, and companionship” from me when it was me who hoped and prayed every second, you to win over my instincts and my experience with it. Skepticism is the only friend I trust to keep.

-Harleen Kaur

Insta- Soulunraveler



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