We all run…

We all run. Sometimes, from our situations, sometimes from our dilemmas, sometimes from ourselves and what not.

We don’t realize, that while running we lose so many things which we were not supposed to lose at the first place and by the time we realize that we have lost our priceless possession, it’s already too late. Then, we start making complaints and start regretting. Why can’t we humans keep it simple? Why can’t we face everything instead of avoiding it?

I completely agree that at times it could be very hard to face those things but until and unless you face them, how will you know about your hidden strength. You may have met some person(s) in your life and would have wondered that how come they are so  strong or firm and are placid simultaneously. Well, they were broke too, not once but many a time and every time they chose to face everything rather than ignoring it. Being strong and soft at the same time is a combination, that very few have mastered.

If you think you cannot handle the things you are running from, try seeking an advice from a person you think is the combination of both strong and soft. But, don’t run and regret later.

– Harleen Kaur

Insta- Soulunraveler



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