Souls-Truth or Myth ?

Someone asked me whether I believe in souls or rebirth and my answer was obvious, yes. Later, he asked me to explain that why I do believe in such things? So here is the possible explanation I could give :

Me- I asked him if you see a child crawling towards a burning candle, will you be mad at him?

Friend- No.

Me- Why is so?

Friend- Because, the child doesn’t know that the candle can harm him.

Me- But, if the child is burnt with a candle, then will he crawl again towards it?

Friend- Obviously not.

Me- And why is so?

Friend- Probably because he knows that the candle can burn him again and is dangerous and is afraid of it.

Me- Very well. So do you agree with me that when a child is born, he is fearless and grow his fears with time and experiences?

Friend- Yes, I do.

Me- Now tell me one thing, are you afraid of anything since your childhood and if yes then what is it?

Friend- I am afraid of darkness.

Me- Did you experience anything in darkness or your fear is since your childhood?

Friend- Well, I think it’s since my birth because my mom told me once that how I use to cry when they turn off the lights while sleeping at night. So, because of me they never turned off the lights at night. And, even after 24 years I still sleep with lights on.

Me- So, this is an unexplained fear you have been struggling since your childhood?

Friend- Yes, it is.

Me- And you agreed with me that when a child is born he is fearless.

Friend- Indeed he is.

Me- So my friend you yourself proved that souls exist. We have the same soul in all our births and only our mortal bodies change in every birth. Your fear of darkness is probably related to something from your previous birth and is carried with you in this birth too.



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