Can you…?

He- Baby can we be together like before?


He- But why? Don’t you love me now? Trust me, I will fix everything.

She- I love you more than my life, more than anything and will always do. If you would have asked for my life I would have given you happily without asking anything, but, you cheated on me and there is no forgiveness for cheating. Can you fix all those nights when I slept weeping? Can you compensate all those days when I constantly felt disappointed thinking that my love was not strong enough for you? Can you fix all those times when I begged to talk to you just once? Can you fix all those times when I was being blamed for everything and when I was being told that I distanced you from me? Can you make me believe in love again?  You tell me how can I trust you now? If you can leave me once, you can do it again.  Do you have that much patience to heal all my scars? I fear you don’t. If I would behave same as you did, I swear you will loathe yourself.

You taught me to live without you so I will manage and one thing is for sure that no one has ever and no one will ever love you the way I do. I could be the moon of your sky, but you willingly confined yourself between the stars. Probably you were right, we are not meant to be together.

Bye love, take care and I love you and will always do.

And with tears in her eyes, she leaves him and starts walking for her home in the hope that he will stop her but he didn’t because for him nothing was important than his ego.


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