Sometimes a moment is enough to fall for a person <3

He- Omg what a day. It was so much fun. Thank you for making my monotonous day so exciting.

She- No no i should thank you. I always wanted to learn snooker and you taught me that so thank you.

(Both blush and smile)

He- Can you stop the car somewhere where we don’t hear traffic,we don’t see people,somewhere where there is no one except us and a sky full of stars and without questioning anything?

She- Ofcourse i can.

She- Here we are. Now tell me what happen?

He- That you are going to tell me.

She- I am sorry but I didn’t understand.

He- Why are you sad since morning? I read your eyes the moment I saw you in the morning but didn’t ask anything because i wanted to give you time and hoped playing snooker will change your mood but nothing worked. I know you have mastered in faking your smile when you are broke but this smile trick so that people don’t intrigue about what has happened won’t work on me. So, better you tell me without denying or wasting our time.

His statement left her aghast. No one has ever caught her pretending till now, she thought.

She- Well, i don’t know. I am just restless. I really don’t know how to explain or what to say. Can we just stay quite for sometime?

He- Ofcourse we can.

They appreciated their silence more than anything till now. Even their silence was too noisy because their thoughts were penetrating the silence. For almost an hour they both didn’t say anything and gazed the sky full of stars yet understood evrything. 

That was the moment they both realized that how much they are in love with each other and how much they understand each other even when they don’t have enough words to explain…..

Sometimes a moment is enough to fall for a person or to realize the fact that you are already in love and a lifetime to forget it……<3 


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