Another failed love story…..

He- Baby i need “me time” and I am in a mess and i really don’t want to talk anyone right now.

She- Is there anything I can help you with, to take you out from your mess?

He- No one can do anything so just leave me alone.

She- Still tries her best for a long period of time but nothing worked so decides to give him time and wait for him.

After some time, she sees him across the street…..

Finally, he is here and seems to be happy. Now i will sulk and will throw all my tantrums and will take revenge of everything,she thought in a happy mood.

But she stepped back instead of moving forward as soon as she saw some other girl holding his hand. The whole world paused for her in that one moment. A flashback of everything was being played on the big screen across the street. Her eyes were wet because of joy and crestfallenness. Happiness because finally he is happy and out of his mess and his happiness is the most important thing in her life. Sad because it was not her who could help him in his mess and disappointed because her love was not strong enough to keep a hold on him in his break. For the first time, the silence between them was not appreciated. She left with tears in her eyes for forever, without saying anything to him.

Yet another untold love story which failed….


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