Their first kiss…..

He took her for a movie. Their official first date after getting engaged. She was on cloud 9 so was he. She got ready and wanted to look pretty only for him. He loves her dressing sense and always compliment her for that. She feels relax and is glad that the time she wasted on getting ready is worth it. 

The theatre had couches and not regular seats, big enough to accomodate two people on one. He offered her to sit wid him on his seat. She was on tenterhooks and had a great sense of joy simultaneously but she wore her pokerface and accepted his offer placidly. 

Both of them were busy gazing each other into their eyes and had no idea what was going in the movie. As if there was no one except them in the theatre. The girl heart was palpitating as if it would come out of her chest and was trying to control her panting breathe but was failing miserably. Her hands were so cold probably because of on going hysterical moment. He maintained his decorum and was composed and calm and was trying to make her comfortable. 

Both of them didn’t say anything for a long time as their eyes were busy talking. And then they kissed for the first time. It was so magical and pure. Neither they felt any sound waves  drumming their ears, coming from the woofers nor they could discern the people present at the theatre. It felt like the magic of their love illuminated the murky theatre. I never felt something so special she said. So did I, he replied. 

First kiss is always special…….


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