She Trusted…..

He said baby I love you, she trusted

He said baby I won’t let you cry ever because of me and will be there if you will be feeling low at some point in your life, she trusted

He said you bring the best out of me, she trusted

He said long distance doesn’t matter if the flame of our love is always ignited and trust me I will never let it blow out, she trusted

He said don’t worry, I will make things easy for you if we are far apart, she trusted

He said I will never ever let my ego ruin our relationship, she trusted

He said no matter what the situation is or how much I am mad over you, I will always take care of you and will never leave you alone, she trusted

He said me and my ex girl can never be friends, she trusted

He said baby I will love you enough and will heal all your previous scars, she trusted

He said I miss you and love you to the core, she trusted

Despite of a broken heart, she trusted him and fell for him only to get shattered all over again. But, this time she is not broken rather is dead for good because this time its not her heart that has been broken but her soul that has been slain because she trusted….. 


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