Nothing Lasts Forever…

Nothing lasts forever. Forever’s a lie. All we have is what’s between hello and goodbye…

We leave some people, some people leave us. Some people leave the world and apparently leaving us and some people being alive leave our life with or without any reason. We were born alone and we are going to die alone. All we have is different bunch of people who either help you to move forward in your life or pull you back. Now the real question is why some people pull you back? Why they don’t want you to grow with time. Well probably that’s because of their ego. Many people are so egoistic and have so low self esteem that they can’t see you growing and  would do anything to feed and satisfy their ego, even if it means to pull back their loved ones.

Lucky are those people who get someone walking with them for a reasonable period of time and despite of such low self esteem people, are strong enough to push the person forward and help him grow with time. Now again when those poor lucky people starts getting dependent then the helping people leave them and they are left alone to deal with their mess or sometimes those lucky people take their luck for granted and eventually loose that person and life does not always give second chances to everyone. Bygones are bygones. So once again you will be alone.

All we have what’s between hello and goodbye.


7 thoughts on “Nothing Lasts Forever…

  1. harleen u juss made ma day 😍
    didn’t know about ur hidden talent.
    guys pl
    Follow her on WordPress link below 👌 👌
    nothing lasts forever


  2. All we have between hello and goodbye are the moment which we cherish for rest of our life. The one which was in our life for a reason tought us many things. They thought us what we thought while living our life’s peacefully was nothing less than illusion. But still people who comes in one’s life for no reason are the one because of whom we become “Mature”. Again , better to cherish those moment than to regret. And btw JOHN JONES IS OUT OF UFC 200. 😭😭…what a stupid person he is again got convicted in drug test!!!


  3. Nd mreover i didn’t mention nyver that the whether we cherish or regret those moments. I only said what we have is between hello and goodbye…
    Nd its taught not tought or they thought


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